At the Aquarius Wellness Center for Healing Arts, our specialists work with clients to help them achieve deep relaxation and holistic healing. When clients receive a Gemstone Chakra Balancing, they experience the natural healing power of gemstones to realign the energies of the body for a renewed sense of harmony and well-being. A session scheduled with an Aquarius Health Practitioner will balance the energies in the body, awaken energies that are dormant, and restore the body’s vitality. The human body has Chakras, or energy centers, along the length of the spine. These Chakras are places of vital energy within the subtle body, and they can be experienced through both intuition and subtle sensory perception. When the Chakras are out of balance, blocked, or simply not working at their optimum potential, this can cause an imbalance in the corresponding energy type: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Occasional rebalancing can help patients reclaim their power and feel in harmony with their whole selves.

In fact, when employed in conjunction with traditional Western medicine, Chakra-balancing modalities such as gemstones, essential oils and sound therapy may aid in recovery for those suffering from serious illnesses. To see how this work can help those suffering from mesothelioma for instance, you can read more at Another resource for more information about Mesothelioma is The Mesothelioma Center and here is some information they provide for energy therapies

Jennifer Rogers, a Holistic Health Practitioner at Aquarius Wellness, understands the delicate energies gemstones contain. She teaches clients how to select, cleanse, and charge gemstones for personal healing and growth. The natural and gentle benefits of gemstones are used for a number of healing purposes. They can act as a focal point for meditation, a defense against negative energies from our environment, a way to raise the body’s energy vibrations, and a source of inspiration and beauty. At Aquarius Wellness, clients have the opportunity to learn more about the body’s Chakras, explore therapeutic gemstones, and choose the stones that attract their attention, thus intuitively selecting the tools that will foster healing in the body and spirit.

In a Reiki and Gemstone Balancing Session, gemstones are placed on the Chakras they correlate to and naturally resonate with. The energies of the gemstones help bring each Chakra back to its optimum state. During a session, Jennifer harnesses the energy of each Chakra stone to amplify the corresponding energy center in the body. Once blockages have been removed from the patient’s Chakras, Reiki healing energy is utilized to rejuvenate and balance the body on all levels. This therapeutic practice leaves the client with an overall sense of peace, balance, and renewed vitality.

Jennifer Rogers received her Reiki certification in 2006, and soon after she received certification in Gemstone Energy Healing. Jennifer has studied many other holistic healing modalities over her 20-year career as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She uses a combination of healing techniques which are tailor fit to each client’s needs and goals. Jennifer is also a gifted psychic and medium. She offers intuitive Tarot and Oracle card readings as a way to help guide her clients on their Divine life path. In addition to these services Jennifer also offers 2 Spiritual Health Coaching Programs. For more information on Jennifer’s services please visit our Services page or email Jennifer Rogers at:, or call 314-835-8496.