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“Allow yourself to sink into the table”…as soon as Andrew said those words, I knew it was what I had been doing since I walked into Aquarius Wellness.

I’ll admit that I felt a little nervous driving to Aquarius Wellness. When someone asks you to write about your massage experience the obvious answer is “Yes” because you just manifested a massage into your life. But a little piece of me was thinking about all the amazing massages I’ve had in my life. How could this possibly measure up?

Allow yourself to sink into the table.

The building that houses Aquarius Wellness is unassuming. You would barely notice it except that it takes up a third of the block. White and black, a little dated. But even if it was a marvel of architectural beauty, it would still not prepare you for walking into Aquarius Wellness.

Allow yourself to sink into…

Opening the door to Aquarius Wellness is like opening the door into another world. You’re welcomed by soft lighting, deep, elegant wood, and mossy green walls. Soothing music grounds you as you adjust and begin to retreat from your daily life.

Allow yourself to sink…

Display cabinets house sea shells, geodes, and lavender. Earth is on display like the guest of honor with pine cones, gigantic salt lamps and lotus flowers resting on tables and shelves. It is a constant reminder of how important it is to touch back in with nature to soothe the soul.

Allow yourself to sink…

That first step into this setting is deeply grounding and meditative. Strong. Even sexy.

The large massage room continues the energy of strength, gentleness and comfort with a dogwood tree in the corner and a cherry blossom carpet.

Quan Yin and Buddha grace the walls. You know Buddha—the one who achieved Nirvana through happiness and compassion.

But do you know the Chinese goddess Quan Yin? She is a goddess of compassion and mercy who “hears the cry of the human world.” Who better to bring into your retreat than Quan Yin and Buddha? They invite us to reflect and have compassion for ourselves and for those in our lives. They invite us to release stress, anger, and hostility that we store in our bodies.

Allow yourself to sink…

If I had spent an hour in this setting doing nothing but absorbing the energy and peace, my day would have been all the better for it. But then I got on the massage table.

Allow yourself to sink…

You may notice that Andrew only lists one type of massage—Andrew’s Signature Massage. This is because his mastery can not be put into any category.

Andrew discovered his passion for massage when he learned about the power of touch in his own life. And while he recognized the universal need for caring touch, he intuitively knew what he was receiving could be done better.

He has spent his life traveling the world to learn how to best express the art of touch as a therapeutic tool. He has honed and created an experience that goes beyond any niche. You don’t need to choose what kind of massage you need because Andrew can tell.

Allow yourself to…

When I walked into Aquarius Wellness, I was numb to the tightness I was carrying. I knew I held emotions and stress in my body, particularly in my back and hips. I had even been working on my own needs at home. Using different tools and my body weight to target tensions that were starting to really impact my life.

If you’ve ever used tennis balls, foam rollers, and butter knives to work on sore muscles, you know it’s not pleasant.

Allow yourself to…

During my massage, Andrew found every one of those spots—even the ones I couldn’t access at home. They were crying for attention and he guided them to release. Sometimes the spots protested, but Andrew always seemed to know exactly how far to push and when to let go.

Allow yourself…

Andrew’s massage used counter-balance, support, stretching, and techniques I can’t even put into words to create an experience of release that I couldn’t achieve on my own.

The senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste (Andrew’s Signature Massage features a mimosa before and a Lindt truffle after your session) were catered to and cared for as soon as I entered the world of Aquarius Wellness.

There are so few times when we are so holistically cared for. And so few times when we can just allow ourselves to be in the presence of grounding and peace. When you choose Aquarius Wellness, you choose allowance.

You allow yourself to…

Be amazed

Be grounded

Be safe

Be cared for

Be connected






Allow yourself.

Book an appointment for Andrew’s Signature Massage today and allow yourself to experience release for all the senses. Or explore the many other services at Aquarius Wellness to integrate more peace and wellness into your life.

Maura Marksteiner graduated with her music therapy degree from Illinois State University in 2005. She is the founder of St. Louis Birth Rhythms where she and her team help families have fulfilling, safe, and empowering births. She also provides health and wellness services for individuals and corporations. Her passion is helping families and individuals connect to their power to be healthy and happy through lifestyle choices. To contact Maura, please email

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