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The Benefits of a Day Spa: Enhancing Mental Health and Finding Renewal Through Relaxation!

December 7, 2023
Feeling weighed down by daily tensions? A relaxing day spa in St. Louis could be just what your mind and body crave. St. Louis is...

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Massage For Arthritis A Healing Touch Feature Image

Massage for Arthritis: A Healing Touch

October 25, 2023
Imagine those mornings where the stiffness in your joints makes even the smallest movement feel like a monumental task. The pain, the tension, the strain—arthritis...

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The Gift Of Relaxation Experience The Best Spa St. Louis Has To Offer Featured Image

A Gift of Wellness: Experience the Best Spa St. Louis Has to Offer!

October 24, 2023
Dive into the world of wellness at the Aquarius Wellness Center for Healing Arts, the best spa St. Louis has to offer. Nestled on Clayton...

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Discover Luxury Spas In St. Louis Featured Image

Discover Luxury Spas in St. Louis: Where Indulgence Meets Tranquility!

September 23, 2023
Celebrated for its iconic Gateway Arch and bustling arts scene, St. Louis is quietly emerging as a premier destination for luxury spa experiences. Far from...

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Discover The Best Massage In St. Louis At Aquarius Wellness Featured Image

Discover the Best Massage in St. Louis at Aquarius Wellness!

September 13, 2023
The soul’s hunger for peace, balance and harmony is as ancient as humanity itself, and in the modern, stress-filled world we all inhabit, seeking experiences...

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Exploring The World Of Aromatherapy Massage Featured

Exploring the World of Aromatherapy Massage

July 21, 2023
The soothing scents, gentle strokes, and overall tranquil ambiance of an aromatherapy massage can transport you to a state of blissful serenity unlike any other....

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Whats The Meaning And Value Of The Spa Featured

What’s the Meaning and Value of the Spa?

July 12, 2023
In this fast-paced world, self-care is more than just a buzzword—it’s essential. Our lives have evolved into what often feels like a juggling act of...

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How Massage Therapy Combats The Crisis Of Loneliness Featured

How Massage Therapy Combats the Crisis of Loneliness

June 23, 2023
A silent crisis of loneliness has spread across the globe. In the era of technological connectedness, it’s poignantly ironic that more and more people feel...

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Sunday Scaries Featured Image

The Sunday Scaries: An Epidemic of the Modern Age

May 27, 2023
For many professionals, the term ‘Sunday Scaries’ hits uncomfortably close to home. This phenomenon, also known as the Sunday Blues, is characterized by a wave...

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Massage Magic Unlock CBD Massage Benefits Featured

Massage Magic: Unlock CBD Massage Benefits

April 1, 2023
Welcome to a journey of inner and outer transformation, where the power of touch and the magic of CBD come together to create a deeply...

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Featured Boost Workplace Wellness with an Employee Reward Program

Boost Workplace Wellness with an Employee Reward Program

March 9, 2023
Welcome to a world where workplace wellness goes far beyond gym memberships and healthy snacks. A world in which employees are genuinely taken care of...

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Give The Gift Of Wellness Featured

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Aquarius Wellness Gift Cards

January 18, 2023
The euphoria of Valentine’s Day, the delight of Easter, the joy of Thanksgiving and Christmas—no matter the occasion, there’s nothing quite like treating your loved...

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Gift Cards Available!

Give someone special the ultimate Massage & Spa experience in St. Louis with an Aquarius Wellness gift card. Our gift cards never expire and are easy to use, making it effortless to give the gift of relaxation to your loved ones!

Signature Massage • Couples Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Prenatal Massage • Warm Stone Massage • Myofascial Release • Reiki • Reflexology Facials • Waxing • Microdermabrasion and more!

Giving Back!

Aquarius Wellness, true to one part of its wellness mission of being, “…in service to a happier, healthier, more peaceful planet, one person…and tree at a time!”, has chosen to partner with a number of nonprofits serving a variety of causes, both nationally and internationally. As a privately owned healing arts center in St. Louis, MO, we are committed to amplifying the impact we can have in a world that is literally crying out for wellness!

Giving Back

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