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A personal wellness plan is more than just an endless list of appointments you need to make. It’s an important part of an overall commitment to better health and vitality.

The reality is that most people spend more time planning their household budget, regular car maintenance or annual vacation than they do their own wellbeing. Instead, personal wellness usually ends up at the bottom of the priority list because our families, jobs or social lives come first.

Creating and scheduling your personal wellness plan not only stabilizes your current health level but allows you to grow and thrive as well. There are simple ways to integrate a wellness plan into your life. Through small, regular wellbeing routines, you can enhance your personal wellness without the inconvenience.

What is a Personal Wellness Plan?

A personal wellness plan is an intentional method of prioritizing your health and wellbeing. It’s designed to help you achieve certain changes or improvements in your life. Through a regimented program, you can set a clear focus on prioritizing your health by paying closer attention to your own personal wellness.

The main idea with a personal wellness plan is that with a deliberate schedule, you’re more likely to make time for yourself. This is as opposed to only making time for yourself whenever you get around to it.

A wellness plan helps you put me-time on the calendar, budget for it and actually follow through with it. By planning out your wellness routine, you can reach your own personal goals a lot faster than if you were to just wing it.

Benefits of a Personal Wellness Plan

A personal wellness plan is especially important for those of us who are guilty of neglecting ourselves. Today, more than ever the average person can really benefit from a personal wellness plan. Living in a busy, chaotic world with technology and countless other distractions pulls us away from our own wellness.

It’s easy to make excuses for why we don’t commit to enhancing our wellbeing. Many of us feel like we’re at a level that’s “good enough” because we’ve always managed to get by. This is why it’s important to have an honest conversation with yourself. Ask yourself if being the best version of you is your ultimate goal. Remind yourself of how much you manage at your current level and then imagine what you could accomplish if you were at your peak state of wellness.

Here are some of the important benefits of developing a personal wellness plan:

  1. Track Progress: Having a weekly or monthly personal wellness plan allows you to see your progress over time. Whether it’s by tracking noticeable improvements in your sleep quality, energy levels or physical strength, a wellness plan can help you pay closer attention to your own health.
  1. Follow a Budget: Creating a wellness plan allows you to set aside a portion of your budget towards your health. By planning in advance, you can alleviate financial pressures. You’ll know ahead of time how much of your income you’re willing to allocate to your wellness.
  1. Free Up Time: It may seem counterintuitive, but adding wellness practices to your life can actually free up time. In the short-term, a wellness plan can help you better schedule your week’s commitments instead of being in a constant state of reaction. In the long-term, a wellness plan keeps you healthy and prevents you from crashing or getting sick at inopportune times.
  1. Feel Better: A wellness plan will ultimately help you feel better. The goal of a wellness plan is to give back to yourself through better energy, a greater sense of wellbeing and more attention towards balance. A wellness plan creates positive growth in your life, which also leads to other improvements such as increased confidence and self-esteem.

What to Include in a Personal Wellness Plan

A personal wellness plan doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, the easier you can make it the more likely you’ll stay committed to it. If you’re interested in getting your personal wellness on track with a wellness plan, then consider these important aspects to include:

  • Mind: Mindfulness practices are critical to a wellness plan. Whether it’s daily meditation, deep breathing or sitting quietly, giving your mind some relief is essential for an improvement in personal wellness.
  • Body: Physical wellbeing is an obvious component of a wellness practice. However, it’s something that’s easy to put on the backburner. Practicing a daily yoga or stretching routine is a great way to add movement into your life. Incorporating a weekly or monthly massage therapy regimen can do wonders for alleviating tension, strengthening the immune system and preventing future health complications.
  • Spirit: Spiritual health is unique to each person. It isn’t limited by one definition. Generally, spiritual wellbeing occurs when we do our best to prioritize our physical and mental wellness. By intentionally developing a personal wellness plan and following through with it, you can create a greater sense of peace within yourself.

Remember that by developing a personal wellness plan, you’re acknowledging that your health matters. While you may not always execute your wellness plan flawlessly, you can remain encouraged by knowing that you’re dedicated to creating harmony and allowing greater growth in your life.
Get started on your personal wellness plan today. Book an appointment for a Signature Massage or Acupuncture session at Aquarius Wellness. We also offer Reiki, Gemstone Chakra Balancing and Spiritual Health Coaching to complete your mind, body and spirit wellness plan.

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