The Guidance You Can Trust

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Intuition: Guidance You Can Trust

“Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.”
– Native American proverb

You are born with an inner guidance system to help navigate your life, and that is called intuition: the ability to sense what feels right and true for you. And yet many people are discouraged from heeding their natural, inner voice, in favor of following external expectations. The voice of inner knowing is blocked and silenced by a persistent, loud roar of popular culture, broadcast nonstop through multiple technology streams. The source of much anxiety may be traced to the psychic indigestion which results from facing the challenges and experiences of daily life without utilizing a personal system of discernment for allowing what feels right to incorporate, and what feels out of alignment to be left behind.

So how can your inner guidance system be reactivated and put to use at whatever stage of life you currently find yourself in? The answer lies in creating space daily which fosters reducing reliance on outer feedback and introducing practices which open up receptivity to your own inner wisdom. There are multiple ways to create this space which you may choose to explore during your visit to Aquarius Wellness, Center for Healing Arts. Here are some suggestions:

  • Invite stillness: In order to hear your inner voice, it helps to stop and listen. Aquarius Wellness offers Reiki Healing. Reiki is a gentle vibration of healing energy that helps to rejuvenate and balance the body on all levels (mind, body, spirit). Our practitioners use Reiki to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, leaving you with an overall sense of peace, balance and well-being. This is a safe and natural technique that can be used in addition to other medical, holistic and alternative modalities, as well as a great option for cultivating mindfulness. Finding inner calm is a crucial part of inviting stillness.
  • Practice and it will grow: Guided Meditation removes stress and replaces it with a dose of inner peace. Without a guide, this can be hard to achieve. Guided meditation is a form of focused relaxation that helps create harmony between the mind and body. It is a way of focusing one’s imagination to create calm, peaceful images in the mind, thereby providing a “mental escape.” Whatever you begin at Aquarius Wellness may be continued and enlarged upon once you return home. Ask Aquarius’s Integrative Wellness specialists to help you shape a weekly self-care practice, including nurturance of your intuitive guidance system, to keep the flow going. This is how you can make profound shifts to improve the quality of your life.
  • Journal to record intuitive flow: This may range from keeping a dream journal, to writing down reflections and understandings gained in workshops or meditations, to experiencing Gemstone Therapy, in which Gemstones are placed on the Chakras (concentrated Energy Centers in the subtle body) they correlate to, and with which they naturally resonate, to bring that Chakra back to its optimum state. Journaling and Gemstone Therapy are both excellent methods to manage stress and connect with your true self.
  • Energy work enhancement: Our Amethyst Biomats effectively reduce the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis,and deeply relax the body to increase mobility. The warmth of the Biomat also increases blood circulation and assists in the release of toxins.

Treat yourself to our Signature spa offering “Pamper Me Package”, which includes our Aquarius Wellness Signature Massage (60 min) + Aquarius Wellness Signature Facial (60 min) + a glass of Sparkling Wine and a Chocolate Truffle to complement your experience.

To book an appointment for one of our exceptional day spa or wellness treatments, please call (314) 645-7643 or contact us at

Until next month, we wish you all happiness, health, and wellness.

– Aquarius Wellness Team

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