Mastering Rest For Wellness

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It seems like it should be the simplest and most consistent part of our daily routines. We all know how important it is that we get enough of it, and how poorly we function when we don’t. I’m talking about the importance of sleep, and today we are going to take a look at how to get the most out of it (and us) everyday.

Keep it Dark, Quiet, and Cool

Manufacturing the right environment for your nighttime rest is essential in making sure that you not only have an easier time falling asleep faster, but also that you stay asleep longer. It is essential for healthy adults to get between six and seven hours of sleep per night, whereas children and adolescents need upwards of eight to nine. It’s no secret that having limited distractions, so low light and no sound, outside of any relaxing sound machines you might like to use, is a given. The ideal temperature for sleep for adults is 60-67 degrees. The low temperature promotes healthy blood flow and a slight drop in core body temperature aids the sleeping process.

Reduce Your Afternoon Coffee Intake

This is a real killer for people who are trying to get to sleep at a decent hour. They fall into a daily cycle of not getting enough sleep the night before, so they keep using caffeine boosts until late in the afternoon, and by the time they are getting ready for bed that evening, the effects of the last caffeine and sugar jolt from 4 pm are still lingering.

Avoid Blue Light Screens as Much as Possible Late in the Day

We know that this one seems virtually impossible in this day and age (I mean, you can’t possibly be expected not to continuously check to see how many likes you got for that photo you posted of you doing the exact same thing 10,000 other people have done recently, can you?). But the fact is the light of the screens you are staring at while laying in bed block the production of melatonin, an essential natural ingredient in your body’s sleep formula.

Keep Daily Tasks in Focus During the Day and Out of Mind at Night

This can be a huge difference maker as far as how much quality sleep you get on a nightly basis. Often times we take the stresses and tasks of the day with us when we prepare to fall asleep in the evening.

Things we may not have gotten finished, or things we may have to do the next day begin to play in our heads over and over, and we use the time when we are supposed to be resting and rejuvenating our body to instead go over the “game tape” of the previous day. Staying focused and mindful of our daily chores and tasks during the day is perfectly reasonable, but once the day is completed, it’s time to leave them at work or wherever else they belong.

Stay on a Regular Routine and Schedule

Even though we all know that sleep is the biggest factor in our overall health and general wellness, we still seem to have very bad habits when it comes to making sure we get plenty of it on a regular basis. We know that no single physical function of our body does more to fight off sickness and disease, recover from injuries and heal from illness, as well as recuperate from the various tolls taken on us during our regular daily activities.

Our bodies work in cycles; daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly. Our daily cycle which consists of one waking and one sleeping period is known as a circadian rhythm. When we fail to allow it to function properly through a set routine of going to bed around the same time, getting the same amount of sleep every day, and getting up around the same time, it can actually throw the other rhythms and clocks in our body off. This creates a whole new set of issues to deal with on top of the fact that we are not getting the proper amount of sleep in the first place.

Mastering sleep is vital for overall wellness. Keep our tips above in mind and improve the quality of your rest!

Avery Bullock is a self-starting writer at the beginning of his career. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he is working full-time while going through school for a Marketing degree. Hoping to have a career in writing and content creation, he is always open to opportunities to expand his portfolio and help fellow content creators. If you liked this post, please contact for more posts like this!

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