Rejuvenate Your Body Mind Spirit

Rejuvenate Your Body + Mind + Spirit

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10 Small Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body + Mind + Spirit

Aquarius Wellness mantra reminder to “Be Calm, Be Serene, Be Restored” each day!

Whether you find yourself feeling stuck in a rut or creative block, lack motivation, or are in need of a little change – know that it’s okay. We all go through “stuff” sometimes. If this is something you’re dealing with at the moment, challenge yourself to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Think about it – is there anything you really enjoy doing but stopped because you don’t have enough time or because you’re “too old for this” or simply because you forgot how fun it is?Please find 10 small ways to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit below:

1.    Drink lemon water first thing.

Start your mornings off with a big dose of hydration by drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. Lemon water helps rejuvenate dull skin, and also helps you digest food better so you’ll be less bloated throughout the day.

2.    Do a self-care power hour.

If you want to start or get back into a morning routine, try squeezing in some good ol’ self-care with the power hour method. Basically, you want to spend 20 minutes doing something for your mind, then your body, and then your soul. It’s the number one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. We love our signature bracelets or necklaces, which use gemstones as part of their spiritual practices to restore energy fields, gain peace, and promote love and safety. In some belief systems, gemstones are placed on certain areas of the body called “chakras” to promote healing.

3.    Treat your skin.

Brush: I love dry brushing my skin before a shower because it gets your blood flowing, unclogs pores, and helps to remove any dead skin. Start at your feet and move upwards in long sweeping motions toward your heart.

Scrub: What better way to get your skin back into it’s supple state than with a good body scrub. I’ve been loving this Seaweed Exfoliating Body Wash.

Glow: If your skin is looking a little lackluster, rosehip oil is an amazing thing to use on your face before bed because it helps even out skin tone and creates a glowing complexion.

4.    Get some fresh air.

Go outside on your lunch break or whenever you have 10 minutes to spare (*cough* make the time) without your phone, and take some time to notice your surroundings, feel the air on your skin, and take in some long, deep, and reflective breaths.

5.    Declutter your digital life.

Give yourself fewer options for distraction by deleting apps you don’t use, emails you don’t need, and bookmarks you aren’t going to read.

6.    Up your fruit and veggie intake.

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little lethargic from your food choices lately. If so, try adding in more of the good stuff – think fruit smoothies with spinach, a hearty salad for lunch, and a big ol’ pile of veggies as a side for dinner. Sometimes we immediately try to cut things out when we’re trying to get healthier, but adding things in is a much better approach in my opinion.

7.    Try positive affirmations.

Give yourself some words of encouragement, even if it feels silly (trust me, I know it does). I like to write mine out on notecards and read them each morning before I get out of bed. Think about what you struggle with and turn them into positive statements. Here are some ideas:

•    I am safe and secure
•    I have everything I already need
•    I am unique and interesting

Related: To nurture the soul. Our Partner Mala and Mantra transports the mysteries and magic of the monasteries to your present-moment meditation. Wear these stylish prayer beads and mantras to create your own self-transformation and draw you closer to your true soul.

8.    Freshen up your desk space.

I recently rearranged my entire desk space at work, and it’s amazing how a little change can increase your productivity tenfold. Give your area a clean, move things around, and get rid of any clutter you don’t need. I also recommend keeping a room mist like this one to freshen up your area whenever you need to.

9.    Focus on one thing at a time.

“Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” – Ron Swanson

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, get serious about your priorities and figure out what you can set aside for now. Focus on one thing at a time, even if you’re afraid of forgetting something.

10.    Go somewhere new.

Even if you can’t get very far, explore a town or area near you that you’ve never been to. Maybe find a new trail to walk on, a different coffee shop to work at, or even just take a different route to work to switch things up. Once you change your routine a little, you’ll be out of that slump in no time.

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