The Wheel of Life

by Aquarius Wellness | Aug 30, 2019 | | 0 Comments

The focus on “wellness” is not just a wistful philosophical discussion but a movement that is growing in reach and importance.

Today “wellness” is defined as a combination of fitness, nutrition, and therapeutic spa treatments preferably in an environment of like-minded people. It is an approach to health that considers mind, body and spirit and the importance of keeping all those elements working in balance.

Most of us would admit that we yearn to feel more fit, look better, be more agile and focused, but most importantly to find a way to realistically maintain a balanced lifestyle of wellness. As each day passes by more quickly, the value of time has become the most precious commodity. When was the last time you truly listened to your inner thoughts? Imagine the luxury of setting time aside to focus on your health, fitness level, your daily diet and general wellbeing. Imagine the benefits of slowing down.

This fast life is all around us- fast cars, fast food, fast conversations, fast holidays and fast families. We may be living lives filled with gratitude but are we really “present” in this time-deprived world? Culturally, we do not slow down enough to explore a favorite bookstore, keep in touch with friends, spend time with our families or linger over a meal deserving to be relished.

In order to slow down the world around you, we have crafted a program, Balanced Wellness, where the essence of the experience is “You” and the essence of living is focused on being balanced and being whole. It is also a program that can be the catalyst of change you’re looking for in your life.

Summer Day Spa Package

Transform your body into a temple, one treatment at a time.

Experience the way to wellness.

  • Signature Massage
  • Signature Facial
  • A Glass of Champagne and Chocolates to complement your experience


To book an appointment for one of our exceptional day spa or wellness treatments, call (314) 645-7643 or contact us at

Until next month, we wish you all happiness, health, and wellness.

– Aquarius Wellness Team

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